What are backlinks and how they can do amazing things for your site

Do you ever notice how websites have links mixed up in their site or in their blogs? When reading an article, do you notice how some words are clickable and links to another website?


This is what you call a “Backlink”. What are backlinks are basically where website A connects website B by putting a link in its content. A backlink is basically letting the audience of the site browse through different websites by clicking on the link.

Benefits of having a backlink

When you have a backlink in your website, this means that you are allowing your website audience navigate or go to another website. There are actually a lot of benefits of backlinks that people take for granted.

Boosting Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google and other search engines LOVE back links. Actually, Google has said that backlinks are a part of their strategy for finding good sites.

This is because if others are willing to link to your page or site of their own free will, then Google believes the content is valid.

By having Google and other search engines view your site favorably, they will send even more traffic to your site.

More traffic breeds more traffic.

The more you get, the more you will get. That is until it starts to drop if you stop producing or having good content.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing works best with backlinking! It is how affiliate marketers earn money. Affiliate marketing earn per click and new sign up of a person that used their link found in their website.

In most cases, affiliate marketers make blog articles about the website they are affiliated with and link the website to let the readers sign up.

Increase Credibility Of Your Site

Increasing credibility of the site is boosted when a backlink is present.

This is an advantage for you when your website is linked from a different website, this boosts your credibility as a website, it is basically saying other websites vouch for the authenticity and credibility of your website.

Boosting your SEO and additional traffic in your website.

Since websites are mentioning you or you are mentioning other websites, when audience search something in search engines, your website will have higher chances in being one on of the top pages that will pop out.

The more your site appears in search engines, the more your site will have traffic and visitors.

Complicated Information or More Explanation for the User

Backlinks are important when there are a lot of complicated information or hard words in your website.

If a hard word that is difficult to understand is present in your article, you can actually have a dictionary or Wikipedia backlinked in that specific word.

This can help your readers stay on your site because you are presenting all the necessary information they need.

Advertisers Pay Money For More Traffic

Making money with advertisements. There are some websites who will pay you to have their site featured in your blog article.

For example, when they want you to review their website or when you are making a list of the best products and they want you to mention their product and create a backlink to their website.

These advertisers will actually pay for this to be advertised in your site. You can totally make money with more backlinks!

What are websites that are good for backlinks?

When backlinks exist, this does not mean that your website is already credible and when you are mentioned by a website, this also does not directly imply it’s a good sign. There are two things you would like to take note when backlinks are involved.

First, when the website you are backlinked to is a spam website, this can mean the credibility of your site is also at risk.

When you are in the reader’s shoes and you accidentally navigated to a spam website and in its content is a link to your site, this might imply that you are connected to this spam website, this can be problematic.

The same thing when it is applied in vice versa.

Think about it, when you are linking a website from your article then it turns out that site you backlinked to is a spam site, this can mean you will lose the trust of your readers since you led them to a untrusted site.

Two, sites that are already established and have a good score on credibility with its readers can also mean it will boost your audience trust in you too.

For example, when you are mentioned in Wikipedia, out of all the websites out there, your website was the one it was linked to, this can increase your site’s traffic and also boost the reader’s trust in your site.

This is basically similar to when a person who has a high authority or has good public relations, mentions you, this will automatically imply to the audience that you are a good person since someone of high standing has mentioned or vouched for you.

When this does happen to you, it would be good to take the most opportunities that’s connected with this honor.

Starting out Backlinks in your site

Backlinks can be hard and tedious, especially for someone who just started out in their new business or blogs.

Beginners will have a hard time on what to backlink from their articles and this can be tricky too.

Just like how businesses work, it would be recommended to have some backlink research of your competitors too, check out what they usually backlink to their sites and evaluate.

When you’ve done some research, the next step is to check out your own site and content. What are the things that is in your content that you can use as backlink? Are there difficult words that are hard to understand?

How about those websites and links that are you affiliated with? Are there other sites who wants you to mention or create a backlink to their site too?

Remember, when backlinking, always double check the sites you will be linking to. One wrong move with the credibility and it’s going to be hard once you broke the trust of your site reader because you might lose those audience forever.

It will always be recommended to have a little background check of what you are putting in to your website.

Backlinks have a lot of benefits in them and it’s a good way to make money from it, whether its related with affiliate marketing or when you’re having it used for advertisements, either way, it’s a quick and easy way for earning some cash.

It might be tricky at first but it will help you and your site so make sure to add some backlinks to your blogs, posts and contents!


Dustin Heiner is the Owner!

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