How to Make a Podcast from Scratch the Easy Way

Ultimate Guide on How to Make a Podcast

In today’s generation, podcasts are rising in popularity. Podcasts are similar to radio shows and cover various topics: business, politics, health, beauty, literature, and more.

Similar to YouTube videos, anyone can make their own podcasts, and since it is only audio, you can easily record it without getting dressed up. 

What makes a podcast and a radio different is that you are able to listen to a podcast over and over again because you can save it.

Also, your topics are focused on your interests because you will subscribe to the podcasts that you are interested in.

Therefore, with podcasts, you are more in control of the things you listen to, and this perfectly suits the personality of the generation today.

In addition, accessing a podcast can be fast and easy as there are already applications built into phones for this, and even Spotify is already offering podcast features.

What do you need to make a podcast?

To make a podcast, you will need to discover your niche first.

  1. Create an outline of ideas. One person will always have more than one interest, and that can be challenging when you are asked to focus on just one. Create an outline of ideas that interest you and evaluate your interests and passions. 
  2. Once you’ve discovered your passion, create another outline of the topics you can start on. This will help you get a glimpse of the things you will be discussing in your podcasts and can also help you evaluate if this topic is limited or not. 
  3. Check out the competitors. Healthy competition is always a good idea because it can help you see who has the same interests as you and what things they talk about or how do they do it. Checking out your competitors will help you develop yourself and learn more about what to do and what to avoid. 

When you’ve settled on the topic you will be focusing on, it is time to get started on the technical tools you will need. These are the four basic tools to get started on that podcast dream of yours:

  1. Headphones: you will need to listen to yourself and get it right when you are editing your audio. 
  2. A reliable microphone: It would be nice to invest in some good noise-canceling microphones with amazing quality because you do not want your listeners to get disappointed when they hear random noises in the background!
  3. Recording and editing software: If you are an Apple user, they offer a free software called GarageBand to help you get started, and for non-Apple users, we can thank Adobe Audition.
  4. A podcast hosting account: Since it’s a podcast, you will not need your own website to get started because there are already providers and sites that cater to podcasts just like how videos are uploaded to YouTube. 

When you are ready to take it up a notch, there are other things you can invest in to maximize your potential of giving an amazing quality of audio to your listeners. 

  1. Grow your podcast’s reach by listing it on iTunes. This can help you increase the number of listeners and fans. To accomplish this, you will need to dedicate some creativity in adding a cool photo that will be added before your podcast’s name in iTunes. This is one way of attracting more listeners, so invest in a good design software too. 
  2. ID3 Editor helps your listeners see your album art when they download your podcasts. ID3 Editor will enable you to store information like the title of the podcast, the track numbers, and more. 
  3. Set up a Skype account. You will need this if you want to host interviews with other people. Skype is known for its good quality, so your podcast’s quality will not be compromised.
  4. Invest in pop filters and a boom. These are tools that can help you have a good quality in your pronunciation and the convenience of recording too. 

How can you make money with a podcast?

Monetization of podcasts is increasing. When you have a good fan base of subscribers to your podcast, it’s time to think about having it monetized. 

Here are a few ways to make money from podcasts

  1. Get sponsors: You can earn money if you reach a specific number of podcast downloads. This is a good way to have a passive income.
  2. Sell your products: Merchandise can be a good idea, especially when you’ve built a good fan base.
  3. Sell your services: Since you are already into podcasts, why not sell an opportunity of being featured? Invite some businesses and send out some proposals that you can feature them for a minute or two, and you’ll earn some cash in exchange.
  4. Become an affiliate marketer: You can earn money when people sign up to a website because of you. This is a push strategy that will give you a chance to earn a steady income once you’ve mastered the art of marketing.
  5. Become a coach: Cover some basics on how to make a podcast and give some tips on how to be good at it.

These are a few easy ways of getting paid with your podcasts. The opportunities to earn increases if your podcast gets famous and the number of listeners rapidly increases.

Right now, businesses are starting to welcome podcasts into their advertising strategy. Pretty soon, more and more businesses will be stepping into this platform and will pay more for it. 

How to make a podcast for free

With the increase of podcast listeners, podcast providers are increasing too. There are now a lot of platforms to choose from that offer services, functions, and features to help you get started.

One of the famous platforms is Anchor. You sign up and create an account, and you have access to create, distribute, and monetize your podcast. The great thing about Anchor is it’s compatible with any device, and it’s free!

One additional feature is that you can get matched with sponsors. This means you can easily see the businesses that are related to your niche regardless of the number of listeners you have.

With Anchor, you can easily sign up, download their app, start recording, and click publish to let people all around the world get a chance to listen to what you have to say!

Another platform you can check out that offers free services is Spreaker. This website offers a free starter plan.

Aside from this, you can do some live shows that can make your listeners feel like they’re updated and in with the current happenings.

Spreaker’s distribution for your podcast is available in Google, Spotify, Apple, and iHeart. This platform engages you in the market and gives you a chance to boost your audience. 

Since you will be using these platforms for a long time, it would be nice to invest some time in research. Check out all the platforms and compare them with their features and functions and choose the best for you.

Step-by-step process of setting up a podcast

Since the podcast industry is not as big as YouTube yet, there is a big chance for you to shine! Here’s a step-by-step process of the things you will need to do to help you get started on your podcast dream!

  1. Decide on your niche. Choose a topic that’s your passion too. 
  2. Shop for the basic equipment you will need.
  3. Research some podcast providers/platforms that offer free starter plans.
  4. Sign up and create an account.
  5. Record your first podcast. 
  6. Get some editing done in your audio and podcast cover photo. 
  7. Hit publish, and let the whole world listen!
  8. Start promoting your podcast. 
  9. Check out sponsors and do research on affiliate marketing to help get some cash.
  10.  Start earning money!

What to remember about podcasts

Podcast shows are the same as radio, television, and YouTube where the service provider—being you—is committed to providing entertainment and information to its subscribers.

Before you start, be sure you are ready for this commitment because you are building something. Do not do this activity just because you feel like doing it now, then stop the next week and go back again a month after.

Before you get started, be sure you are equipped with interest and passion and that you are willing to commit to this activity.

Common thoughts about podcasts that are wrong

You don’t need to spend so much when you are starting your podcast since you will only need the basic equipment, which is a microphone and headphones. Since there are platforms that offer free services, you can avail those and get started without spending so much.

So, don’t worry if your quality and equipment are not the same as the radio because these imperfections add some intimacy to the podcasts, and this creates trust with your listeners.

Aside from this, you don’t need to be a techy person who knows everything about the equipment. You will only need basic tools, and platforms like Anchor offer easy editing software to assist you in editing your audio like a professional. 

In conclusion, since this industry is currently rising, your chance to ride in with the increasing trend is big. Since there are not that many podcast creators out there yet, your competition isn’t that intense.

Aside from this, you can create a name and a brand with your podcasts and let your listeners grow with you.

Podcasts are easy to make, and they aren’t that time-consuming. In this current generation, people tend to choose listening to podcasts over the radio, and as the number of podcasts listeners increase every day, the chances of your listeners increasing are huge.

Businesses are now considering podcasts in their marketing too. With you being one of the earliest in the game, businesses will likely select you as a candidate for their sponsored creators.

Getting started on your podcast dream is this fast and easy. Be ready to commit to it, talk, and share your ideas with the world.


Dustin Heiner is the Owner!

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