How Much Do Youtubers Make and How You Can Too!

Lately, YouTube has become one of the hottest social media influencing platforms. You get to receive income by doing something you’re passionate about, get praise and support from hundreds to thousands of people around the world, work with a flexible schedule, and enjoy all the other benefits you can get from learning how to be a YouTuber.

However, YouTubers don’t just record, edit, and upload to make a profit. Sometimes, the income they generate can vary from video to video. While there are other ways around it, they often follow a general set of rules to give their videos proper monetization without risking the quality of their content.

How Much Do YouTubers Make

There’s no fixed number to how much money a YouTuber makes. This is mainly because there are different variables that can affect and change the profit a YouTuber makes from a single video.

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Generally, you can make about $3 to $10 on every one thousand views on a video with Google’s AdSense revenue. The total is decided by how much your viewers engage with the ads on your videos.

Although the number of views a video receives is a great factor in determining how much you can make as a YouTuber, it could vary due to various issues, such as getting a copyright strike or demonetization due to inappropriate words.

With these factors, a video that receives 700k views can profit $200 or less due to a violation of the platform’s rules.

How Much Does a YouTuber with 1 Million Subscribers Make?

Reaching a million subscribers is one of the biggest milestones of being a YouTuber, especially if it is treated as a full-time job.

With all of the ad revenue, a YouTuber can get $3,000 to $10,000 for every video that gets at least a million views, if the video complies with the rules and receives proper monetization.

YouTubers could also be receiving sponsorships from different brands, which would generate more income for every video they make promoting that brand.

Famous YouTubers in different niches are able to earn a net worth in millions. Although the subscriber count doesn’t strictly determine how much you earn, it shows how many people support your channel and are willing to bring you the view counts you need.

How Much Money Do YouTubers Make in 2020?

Currently, seven-year-old Ryan Kaji from Ryan ToysReview is the top YouTuber with the highest net worth of $22.5 million from his videos. Although you wouldn’t expect a child making unboxing videos to get millions of views and profit online, this is just the way the competition works on YouTube.

Dude Perfect makes $20 million for their unique sports-related content where they do questionable stunts like various game battles.

Jeffree Star makes $18.2 million and is well-known in the make-up and beauty niche.

Both Jake and Logan Paul are also part of this list, making their own separate income from each of their channels. Although they are brothers and make similar content, they each have their own supporters to rely on.

Even Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie), who is known as the second most subscribed YouTuber after passing one-hundred million subscribers, is making $15.5 million.

There are also a few YouTubers who focus on gaming who are part of the list:

  • Daniel Middleton (DanTDM) with $19 million
  • Mark Fischbach (Markiplier) with $18 million
  • Evan Fong (VanossGaming) with $17 million
  • Sean McLoughlin (Jacksepticeye) with $16.5 million

How Many Subscribers Do You Need to Start Making Money?

As of 2018, YouTube made a few adjustments to the requirements needed to get your videos monetized.

The subscriber count needs to be at least 1,000 along with a minimum of 4,000 hours of public watch time on the platform. Both of these requirements have to be met within a single 12-month period.

Other requirements to get your videos monetized are having only one AdSense account and abiding by YouTube’s policies and guidelines.

Affiliate marketing and sponsorships don’t have any conditions to meet. However, getting brand deals will usually come when the channel receives a great number of views for each of their videos since these brands target influencers with consistent and growing engagement.

With these new rules, the competition between new YouTubers turns into a competition of creativity and attracting people to their channel based on how unique and genuine they make their content.

How to Make Money Being a YouTuber

It’s a given that YouTubers make money by creating content and uploading videos regularly. However, this doesn’t always guarantee that they can make a big income.

Regardless of the number of viewership you have, YouTube’s monetization tends to change frequently and usually doesn’t follow a fixed pattern when it comes to generating profit for a video. Because of this, it would be hard for a YouTuber to rely only on the profit they get per video.

Luckily, there are other ways around it.

Here are the five main ways YouTubers make money other than from their videos:

Ad Revenue

AdSense revenue is the most well-known method of making money on YouTube, which is when Google places ads on your videos.

Typically, 45% of the revenue goes to Google while the other 55% is given to the owner of the video.

For every view, it’s usually 0.3 to 1 cents. So, depending on the number of views you get on a video where people view the ads, you can get an income of $10 to $10,000.

Affiliate Links

You can also make money using affiliate links, which usually involves reviewing or recommending a product or service to your viewers.

When a viewer purchases the product or service through your link, you will receive a certain percentage of the purchase price.

The bigger your audience, the more people you’ll be able to get to use your links.

Sponsorships and Brand Deals

Getting a sponsorship is another common money making method on YouTube.

Depending on how high your video engagement is, you can get companies to sponsor your video, therefore requiring you to promote their business on your channel.

The sponsorships you receive will often be in line with your niche to get a proper target audience.

While the brand gets to gain potential customers, you will be able to receive financial benefits.


Whether you have one-thousand fans or one-million fans, you’re bound to have devoted viewers.

Receiving fan donations usually occurs during a livestream. Most times, this is done to show support to the creator rather than to increase their earnings.

Merchandise Sales

After building up a strong fan base and a solid brand, you can make your own merchandise to sell to people who want to continue supporting you while getting a benefit. This is could be tees, hoodies, bags, and the like.

However, it’s best to start selling merchandise once there’s a substantial number of people who are willing to spend on your brand.

How to Become a Successful YouTuber

With all the competition on YouTube, becoming successful isn’t something everyone can achieve.

However, this doesn’t make it impossible. If you follow the right mindset and set your priorities straight, you can reach your goal.

Here are a few steps to help you become a successful YouTuber:

Set your goal and keep it in mind.

Most of the content creators who have great success today started with a goal.

Having a clear path of action will allow you to measure your success, determine how much improvement you are making, and keep your content consistent.

Focus on a main goal and break it down to different steps for you to take before you finally reach your ultimate goal.

Create content that is unique and engaging.

Your content is a vital part of being a successful online influencer.

Although the content you make should be related to your niche, uniqueness is an extra point that will get people interested. When there’s something new, viewers tend to get curious. And if the content is something they appreciate, they will be anticipating more content like it.

Following the trends help, but keep in mind that they eventually die down and cause videos to lose their freshness, making it impossible to stand out.

Stick to being honest about yourself, even if it doesn’t get a thousand views on the first try.

Making video content engaging isn’t the easiest task. However, by welcoming your viewers comfortably into your channel, it will be easier to interact with them casually person to person than creator to audience.

Be consistent.

One of the crucial parts of a YouTuber’s career is consistency—from the way you deliver your videos and content to how often you make uploads.

If people see you regularly, they are bound to remember who you are regardless of how little or many your viewer and subscriber count is.

You don’t have to let the pressure of daily uploads get to you. One of the perks of being an online influencer is having the ability to create and adjust your own schedule.

Depending on how much you can work for it, your videos can be uploaded once a week, two or three times a week, or every day.

An important part scheduling is making it so there isn’t a large gap between your videos.

Although there are events that may cause your schedule to change, you should stay committed to the schedule since this can affect your viewership.

With a consistent schedule, people will be able to look forward to your next post and possibly make sure they get notified for every upload, as well as sharing it through other platforms.

Keep up with the trends in your niche.

Whatever niche you choose, some things will change as time passes by. There could be new products and services related to your niche or possibly important news about it.

How much you keep up with the trends will depend on how much effort you put into getting that first glimpse of fresh information.

Research as much as you can about your niche and the topics of your videos and put the information you’ve gathered into effect.

If you’re one of the first to introduce it, you just might be able to rise to stardom.

Make use of SEO in your videos.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the use of words and phrases to make your content more visible to the public.

Viewers find different videos the same way they would on search engines: by looking up a specific set of words.

If you use the right words in your video, either in the title or description, you may be able to increase your viewership, making it easier for people to find you.

Learn from your past analytics.

Every video will have a different impact on viewers. Even if your video is similar to another video that became successful, there’s no assurance that viewers will react to your video the same way.

By looking through your analytics, you will be able to identify which of your videos people enjoy more and less.

This will help you decide what changes you should make to the content you bring as well as how you deliver yourself through your channel.

This also shows who watches your videos, which will give you an idea of what kind of audience you usually attract.

This article can be your guide in making small adjustments to reach a larger audience with content that people appreciate more.


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